Dreaming of Dubrovnik-Tips and Advice

If you are going to plan a holiday this year, make it Dubrovnik. I’ve added in photos so you can see for yourself how beautiful this place is.

Here are some of my tips if you decide to go:

Old Town

Dubrovnik is famous for its Old Town, old town is surrounded by high walls.

You can go for a tour and walk around the walls of Dubrovnik looking down into the town and it is beautiful. The views from the top are perfect. However, I would advise going early in the morning or later in the evening because during the day it can get very hot and there is no shade up on the walls. Also because you want to go at a time when its not too busy so you can have a proper look around without other people rushing you on.

Be prepared, old town has A LOT of steps. You will have a full workout everyday going up and down the steps so you need comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you for it.

Old town is also where a lot of Game of Thrones is filmed so if you are a fan you will love it here. There are Games of Thrones tours you can pay for and they bring you around and show you where everything was filmed but I think save your money, have a look around yourself, wander, because there are a lot of little streets and places to go, enjoy it.

Old town is full of places to eat and drink. There is also a cliff side bar which is expensive but its a cliff side bar.. when will you get that chance again.

The food is said to be great I am just the worlds pickest eater so I had a solid diet of cornflakes and fries.


Cable Cars

The cable cars are a must! and again, it’s better to go early in the morning or later in the evening because the sun will blind you and you will want to enjoy that view. You can pre book these if you want but theres the option to pay on arrival too. There is a bar at the top for you to enjoy some food a drink with the best view before going back down.



I visited a few beaches when I was there, Copacabana Beach was the first it’s beautiful and has drink and food available beside it. The only downfall is there is pebbles not sand.  The other beach was Banje Beach. Also a pebbled beach. From Banje you can see the walls of Dubrovnik. What a view!


Island Tour

Another beach we went to was when we went on an Island tour. It was secluded on the other side of the Island that you have to get golf carts to bring you over. There is the option to walk but is it very uphill and long.

We bought the Island hopping tour from Copacabana beach. I wouldn’t recommend this one. You can get other tours from outside old town. We were all sea sick because it wasn’t the most sturdy boat. Also the Islands were nice but you wouldn’t be missing anything if you didn’t see them. There are other Islands around.


Island of Lokrum

As you can see from the photos the water is incredibly clear. These are from the Island of Lokrum. If you are going to Dubrovnik its worth it to get the boat trip out to Lokrum. It is the closest Island and by far my favourite. It is quiet and peaceful, there are gardens and walk ways and old building and lots to see. Rabbits and Peacocks are roaming around. It is a very beautiful place. In the middle of the Island there is a swimming hole called The Dead Sea, you have to see it.


I do think it would be better to stay outside of old town, we stayed outside of old town and it was perfect. If you get accommodation inside old town you could fall into the trap of staying inside the walls and missing so much going on outside.

So while you are over there download Uber. It saved our lives. In Croatia their currency is Kuna. The cost of an Uber in Kuna is only a few euro to us. Very cheap and the easiest way to get around. Really a saving grace.

Happy Holidaying

















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