Love your Living Room!

When we moved into this house first this room was just abandoned because we have another sitting room and we didn’t have enough furniture for the room because it’s quite big.

But slowly I started to gather things bit by bit.

This is now my favourite room in the house.

First of all I got the couch and on DoneDeal of all places. Yes, it can be used to buy things other than cars ha. What’s better than that is I got the couch for €180 instead of paying retail price of over €1000.

Perfect condition too, the owner just purchased a new one and needed it gone.

Always shop around for a bargain before committing to paying crazy money.

IMG_2764 copy

The coffee table is from IKEA for €45. Glass Coffee Table

Glass tables are perfect to keep the room looking less cluttered.

The lamp is from Argos linked here –> House of Heart Floor Lamp

The rug is from the whole sale furniture shop in Longford in the retail unit which was the last one at the time but they may have gotten more in.

IMG_2763 copy

The cushions are of course Penney’s with the exception of the two patterned ones that I got in Home Store and More just to add a bit of pattern to break up the plain colours.

IMG_2762 copy

I used Johnstone’s paint to paint the room and its safe to say that I will never use the paint again, its very thick had to mix in a lot of water and as you rolled the paint on it came off again if I rolled over it.

I would definitely stick to Dulux, they know what they’re at.

Although you can’t see the full tv unit in this picture trust me when I say its brilliant. Everyone that comes in always mentions the tv unit so I have added the link to it below. It also comes in white.

Tv unit –> IKEA TV Storage Unit


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