Transforming your room into your own little piece of heaven

I think a lot of us are guilty of just throwing stuff in our room and making it a bit of a mess. My problem was shoes ! Shoes everywhere..

The room seemed so messy because they were just thrown on the ground so if you’re guilty of this too, you need to invest in a bookcase and your problems will be solved.

I got this one in Argos for €60 but I have seen cheaper in IKEA, just for convience reasons I payed extra to get it quickly. But I warn you.. it can be hard to put together!

I think if your room doesn’t get much sunlight (like mine) going for white furniture and light colours really help brighten it up. Thats why I painted the room a light grey and kept the grey and white theme.

You would also be surprised at how many home accessories you can get in Deals and Mr Price thats where I got most of my things.


IMG_1623 copy


Also, Penney’s is the place to go! I think we can all agree their homeware range is killing it. All the cushions, the duvet covers, candle holders, the curtains and the throw are from Penney’s and at such good prices.

If your want a makeover on a budget its the place to go and you won’t be disappointed.


IMG_1624 copy

If you are looking for some inspiration Pinterest is perfect. I searched for a few days for what I wanted and pinned all my ideas to a folder called ‘Home Design’ so when I went shopping I opened the pictures and picked the products that looked similar.

All the frames are from Woodies and the pictures were printed in the Kodak shop apart from the big photo. I wanted one that size and I got quoted €65. As you can imagine I didn’t stay in that shop very long ha. So after asking in another shop and getting no joy I went to Athlone Printing across from St. Mary’s Church and I was only charged €25.

So it does pay to shop around!


IMG_1605 copy

These little mirrors were €20 for the set. If you have a blank wall and can’t put anything in front of it because of its location something like this is perfect because it just adds more character to the room instead of leaving it plain.

I got these in the Wholesale Furniture shop in Athlone (the big one close to KFC) I would really recommend going in. They always have lovely ornaments/vases/mirrors/wall hanging/candles you name it! They also have some of the TARA collection.



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