RI New Arrivals and discount code

River Island is always my go to place, I get a lot of my clothes here. So I have gone through all their ‘new arrivals’ and picked out some of my favourites. I’ve attached links below the images for those of you who want to treat yourself!

We all need a little pick me up in January.

If you keep scrolling down I have one of my little tips for online shopping that will be very useful for a lot of you. Ssshh!

At the moment you can also get a 20% discount if you use the code “GRAZIAJAN18” you will see it on the River Island page.


Click here to buy: Yellow Stripped Shirt

How cute is this? Yellow is everywhere lately. But sometimes it can be hard to know what to put with it so this one is something that can ease you into it because it is a paler yellow. Don’t be afraid to wear your clothes in different ways, you can really change up an outfit like the picture above by just wearing the shirt like normal or tied and cropped.

Click here to buy: Chunky trainers

I have more shoes than I know what to do with but I think I could make a little more room for these. Very like the suede Puma trainers and half of the price.


Buy it here: Printed Shirt

I love this shirt!

I have just bought it for myself and already can’t wait for it to arrive.

So here is my tip, (a friend passed this on months ago and changed my life)

I have the River Island app on my phone (I just find it a lot easier to use for shopping) If you go into the settings and ‘change region’ you can pick United Kingdom so everything will be turned into pound. I buy all of my River Island clothes in pound because the exchange rate is normally very good. (You can check online pound to euro to see what the change will be and to see if it is worth any saving to you)

This shirt is €55 online and in pound it is £40 which works out at €45 so already a €10 savings. With the discount I have mentioned at the top of the page I bought this shirt for £32 which is €36. That is a €19 savings from the original price.

It’s all about getting value for money!


Buy it here: Red Loafers

Loafers are just perfect for the days where you want to be comfortable but still want to look like you made a bit of an effort. I love pointed shoes in general , so pointed toe loafers are just a plus.


A t-shirt for those lazy days when you just want to throw something on. But with the added bow it makes it look more stylish and can be worn with just plain jeans because theres enough going on in the top .

Click here to buy: Bow T-shirt


Buy it here: Duster Coat

This one is a little bit more expensive but I am a lover of long coats and this one is perfect. Your wardrobe is not complete if you don’t have a few long coats to spice things up. They also are a really good investment piece because they stay in fashion and can be worn with so many different outfits.


Buy it here: Culottes

Yes, my new obsession is anything got to do with trousers and culottes! Any one else out there getting very bored of wearing jeans all the time? I love how these can be worn very casual with just a t-shirt and trainers/converse or wear them for a night out with heels. Either way they look great and you know I’m all about comfort.


Buy it here: Light blue faux fur cuff sweatshirt

Fur sleeves what more can I say? Casual and comfortable. Ticks all the boxes.


Click here to buy: Wide sleeve jumper

Although it’s coming to the end of January is it still as cold as ever. If not colder. So jumpers are a must. I’m a big lover of wide sleeves so this one caught my eye. The tassels are very cute too.

Happy Shopping,


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