Dubai on a budget

In case you all didn’t realise by all my holiday spam…I went to Dubai!

It is just such a beautiful place. We were blown away by everything and would 100% go back.

Dubai is known to be an expensive place but it is actually easy to get deals if you look for them.


I booked my flight through SkyScanner which is a site that finds you the cheapest flight. I got a direct return flight for a week for €450 which I didn’t think was that bad considering  where it was to. But if you book your flights in advance you could get them even cheaper. (I was just a bit restricted with dates because of work and trying to find dates that suited everyone)

Our biggest saving was the fact that we have friends living there so no accommodation cost was so helpful! (Thank you guys 😂) So if you know people over there get booking.

I only brought over €500 spending money with me and it done me the whole week and I spent the last of it in the airport coming home.


Our first day there we went to brunch. I paid for brunch a few weeks in advance so I actually spent barely nothing the first day. Brunch is when you go to a venue and it is unlimited food and drink. It was the best day and I’d definitely recommend doing one. The one we went to was called CandyPants.


The beaches are gorgeous! We went to one in the JBR area, there is places to get food and shops and stalls around there. Go to Eggspectations beside the beach for food! you’ll thank me for it and I’m the worlds fussiest eater.

Another beach we went to was cove beach which is beside the Burj Al Arab (the worlds most luxurious hotel and it is a 7 star hotel) It is quieter in this area but the beach is gorgeous and very relaxing and its worth the view.


The Dubai Frame

We went to the Dubai Frame. It is a giant frame in the middle of Dubai and you get an elevator up to the top 150 meters up. When you are at the top you can walk across a glass floor and see everything underneath and you can look either side of the frame, one side shows old Dubai and the other side shows new Dubai and how modern it is. Really cool to see how much it has changed.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the worlds biggest mall. It is something that you need to see. It is beyond any shopping centre I’ve ever seen. They have every designer brand you could think of. An aquarium in it that you can go cage diving in. They have an ice skating rink , a massive water fountain and just outside it is where they have the fountain shows and a light show on the Burj Khalifa. The shows are free to the public and worth seeing.

Boat Tour

It was recommended that we should all do a yellow boat tour. The boat brings you out and they tell you all about the buildings and stop to let you get pictures in front of them. I am not going to lie….I have never been so afraid in my life! I have such a fear of water anyway I’m not sure what I was expecting with the boat but when it started going fast  I thought the boat was going to just flip over. I cried and everyone else cried laughing at me. If you’re not afraid of water it’s fine you’ll enjoy it but if you are maybe this one isn’t for you. If your going to book it look on Groupon because they might have offers on so you can buy it cheaper.



The highlight of it all for me was the Desert Safari. I loved it! It’s the first thing I would recommend. The best part is we booked it through Groupon and it included a bus to the desert, dune bashing, camel ride, food, entertainment and a bus back to the city for what worked out to be around €17. Groupon is your friend on holidays! If we had bought it from some of the stands we seen on the street it would have been over €100.

The Grand Mosque

Another day we got a taxi to Abu Dhabi to see the Grand Mosque. We got taxi’s everywhere and it worked out cheap because there was always a minimum of four of us and then other times more so the cost was split so it definitely helps to have a group of people.

It is free to go into the Mosque. It is so peaceful and absolutely beautiful. Women have to wear a long robe,men are okay as long as they are covered up. You have to take your shoes off going in and I think this actually makes it feel more peaceful. It is nice to see another culture and religion.

Some more advice?

Go to Pier 7! It is a 7 floor bar/restaurant with a different theme on each floor.

Go out on Ladies night, it will save you so much money. Women drink for free! Sorry lads.

Drinking out can be expensive but the drink in Duty free is so cheap so stock up!

If you can eat breakfast in your accommodation do, thats one less meal you’ll have to pay for  during the day and makes more time to explore.

Yes its hot! But is fine because everywhere is so well air conditioned.

The dress code isn’t as strict as people think it is, I was unsure too going over but you can wear anything as normal but just remember it is still a different culture so just be respectful.

November to April is a good time to visit Dubai because the heat is more manageable. But not so much during the summer because the heat can be in the 40’s. If you are okay with that kind of heat there can be some hotel deals during summer.

We were there for the first few days of Ramadan. You can’t eat or drink in public during the day and some places will close or if they stay open they will put up curtains to cover the windows and doors.

Also if you wanted to visit the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) it is a lot cheaper if you book in advance online. Sometimes there will be deals for this on Groupon too. But you can book dinner there which can be between €80-€100 and if you’re having dinner you get to avoid queues and you can see the fountain shows from up there.

I hope this is helpful for everyone! Enjoy booking your holiday to Dubai 😜😉


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