Baby Number Two VS 16 and Pregnant

So by now everyone should know our exciting news! It’s been very difficult not to tell people straight away because we are very happy and excited for our new chapter.

I haven’t written anything on here in a while but I suppose with the new year and with being happy I feel like I have something worth while to say.

I was pregnant with Daniel when I was 16 and I had him at 17 and it was brilliant. It was also very difficult. I hid myself away for most of it either staying at home or at Craig’s house because I was afraid of the judgement from other people. Most of it was probably made up in my own head as an insecure teenager but I felt uncomfortable with peoples stares. When people found out I was pregnant there was very little ‘congratulations’ and more shock. I realised how important family and friends are because they were all supportive and we owe them a lot.

I will always remember how I was treated in the hospital. I was made feel very low and embarrassed by a select few. All because of my age. There were many dirty looks from staff, not just aimed at me but Craig too. I was denied pain killers that were handed to the other mothers in my room and had to wait for the nurses to change over for a nicer member of staff. I couldn’t wait to get home. I am worried about this time too but at least now I won’t allow myself to be belittled.

I don’t think my age made me a bad mother like some would assume. I have a very happy 5 year old that is healthy and loved and never wants for anything.

I do believe that young mothers get a hard time but like any mother at any age we do our best.

This time around it is very different for us. You have no idea how much your congratulations and nice messages mean. It is so nice to have other people want to join in in the excitement. It is really appreciated. It is nice to now have the confidence to want to share with other people.

There are probably only four or five pictures of me while I was pregnant with Daniel, I do wish now I had taken more. This time I am going to, so be prepared for all the baby spam.

It is going to be an exciting few months until you arrive, we are going to soak up every minute.

We can’t wait to meet you. โค๏ธ





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