Unrealistic beauty standards

Anyone else get annoyed with all the unrealistic beauty standards that seem to surround us ? Whats worse is we surround ourselves with them. Every morning as part of my routine I reach for my phone and scroll through Instagram and see all these beautiful women and celebrities that have the ‘perfect’ bodies and lifestyles. Social media has become such a big part of all our lives. But what we see is a fake shiny world that brands and the beauty industry have created. This is the first thing a lot of us look at first thing in the morning and of coarse we compare ourselves, it is hard not too. We are only human.

We think that to be ‘beautiful’ we need to look a certain way. We need to be tanned 24\7, we need to have perfectly healthy looking hair or extensions, we need flawless skin and a full face of makeup, we need the whitest teeth, we need abs and so much more. We think that this will make us ‘more beautiful’ because we don’t feel like we are enough. I’ll be the first one to say I have a list of things that I say I would like to change about myself and that’s kind of sad isn’t it? We don’t need all these things to be happy. But the media world prays on our insecurities.

Most days, lately anyway because I have zero energy, I don’t want to put makeup on. I couldn’t face the whole process of putting tan on either. My hair is so dry and damaged from dyeing it for years and using heat on it every day. I have to admit some days it makes me feel down because in my head I don’t look like all these women so I must look bad.

We put ourselves through so much to try and look an acceptable way. Nobody is ‘perfect’ no matter what way they portray themselves online. I have often had photos of myself that I wouldn’t share or I would be embarrassed of  because my nose looked too big or my hair looked so damaged or my ears were sticking out or I looked so pale and I couldn’t possibly let anyone see me that way.

It’s a horrible way to think of yourself. We all have flaws and scars and things that maybe we would like to change. But don’t feel like you should have to change yourself to look more like these women.

People are messing with their appearances so much now it’s become so easy to do this and procedures are so normalised.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with changing your appearance, if it makes you happy and confident that’s great go for it. But i’m just saying that it is okay to have a bad hair day or have bad skin or not wear makeup and be pale and not have the whitest teeth, or don’t have the body of a supermodel because this is normal! This is the reality for most of us. You should still feel confident because these women on Instagram and these celebrities don’t look that ‘perfect’ all the time either. We just don’t see that part.

I think this is something that affects us all in different ways. Or maybe it’s just all my crazy hormones at the minute. But either way we are living in a world where we are measured by how many likes we get and people have far too many insecurities and it is disheartening. Social media obviously has its perks but it can also be a very toxic place.

Don’t be afraid to be confident in yourself and have a positive attitude towards creating a real version of yourself.

lots of love! x


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