H&M Conscious Sustainable Style

H&M launched their new conscious collection this morning. Also a conscious exclusive collection which is a little more pricy.

Everything in the collection is made from sustainably sourced materials like 100% organic cotton or they use recycled materials. (…and they look really good!)

I love how they’re trying to make a change in the industry and take responsibility for the materials they use. I think so many companies now and in the future will have no choice but to follow in their footsteps because customers will expect them to be more ethical.

By using sustainable materials it means they use less water, energy, and chemicals which means good news for the environment.

They are also planning later this month to add more information to its products so we will be able find out where and in what factory the products we buy are made, creating transparency.

H&M also have a recycling service in all of their stores. This is going since 2013. If you bring in a bag of unwanted clothes (from any brand) they’ll give you a €5 voucher for your next purchase. Really good idea to encourage recycling.

Their goal is to only use 100% recycled materials or sustainably sourced ones by 2030. At the minute their percentage is at 57%.

Heres a look at a few things from the collection. You can shop the full collection with the link at the bottom!


(Seen on Niamh O’Sullivan)







Shop the conscious collection (more affordable)

Shop the conscious exclusive collection

Shop Conscious Kids

Shop Conscious Home

Shop Conscious Men

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